2_history A

2003 Foundation of INTERCON Technical Information Systems L.L.C.
• As a subsidiary company of I.V.A. Leittechnik GmbH Germany
• Supply of skilled man-power
2004 INTERCON TIS L.L.C. extended its field of business to include:
• Supply of distribution panels and Genset Units
• Custom tailored Genset Panel
• Software solutions for the automation field
2007 INTERCON established a production workshop in Mussafah
2008 INTERCON extended to the rental field:
• Diesel generators for industry and buildings
• Distribution panels
2009 INTERCON extended to the field of power station maintenance
2010 INTERCON extended to the field of maintenance for control systems and protection system for power stations and sub-stations
2011 INTERCON became Siemens solution partner for drives and motion control cranes
2012 INTERCON is in the process of receiving ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certification

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